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We are a certified HubSpot agency partner based out of India and are dedicated to provide the best development experience to all our customers. We can help you in making websites, landing pages, emails templates, blog templates, pillar pages, custom modules & much more in HubSpot. Our HubSpot CMS certified experts for design and development help clients with quality templates that are responsive on all devices and need no development help once ready.




Customized steps

We will design and plan customized onboarding steps specifically for your company and the business process your marketing and sales team follow. 

Cost and price

Cost and Pricing

We are a very affordable HubSpot partner agency based in India. We charge a pre-decided fixed fee on your HubSpot onboarding service.


Timeline and delivery

We can complete your onboarding process quickly and seamlessly in just 6 week 


We just not only seamlessly onboard your team to this tool but also guide you on how to use the tool to its fullest potential. We pride ourselves in calling us one of the best Indian HubSpot agency partners. We have divided our HubSpot onboarding process in 5 phases to give you thorough knowledge & plan to adapt this tool in your current marketing and sales process.

We help you in even the basic portal setup including time zones, tracking codes, user and team management, domain setup, IP inclusion, contact management, etc.


We assist you in integrating your existing marketing account and other service providers in Hubspot. This step includes the integration of CRM, social channels, Ad accounts, and other 3rd party tools.


We create pages/modules or email templates that are reusable and need no further development so that your marketing & sales team can easily use them.


We assist you in launching your first marketing campaign with HubSpot. We will guide you in setting up all marketing assets like project & campaign, reporting dashboards, landing pages, emails, workflows, & more.


We perform a portal audit and review for your HubSpot account to analyze if you are all set to grow your business with inbound marketing.



Are you planning to complete the onboarding process on your own? Request a free HubSpot portal audit and get started to achieve the best result out of this all-in-one marketing tool. Know all the shortfalls and enhancement points for your HubSpot. With this Audit, you will own your way to complete all your business goals by using the HubSpot platform.


6 Week action plan for seamless HubSpot onboarding

We can complete your onboarding to HubSpot in just 6 weeks. After this 6 week HubSpot onboarding journey with us, you’ll be well on your way to use this tool to its fullest potential. You’ll have the knowledge and practical experience to work on this all-in-one marketing tool and its features. We cover more than 50+ tasks, inclusions and learning modules divided into 6 weeks to seamlessly onboard your team and marketing/sales process on HubSpot.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

Technical Setup
Invite your team
Setup your domain Settings
Install the HubSpot tracking -code and filter out your internal traffic
Set up your email CAN-SPAM
Import your contacts into HubSpot
Import your marketing opt-out lists
Configure email types
Connect your social accounts
Consider integrations
1 Hour training session

Persona and Buyer’s Journey
Identify personas
Learn and create buyer personas
Creating Buyer Personas & Adding to HubSpot
How to define a company’s buyer’s journey
Map a persona's buying journey
Define stages of the customer lifecycle
1 Hour training session

Lead Generation and Email Marketing in HubSpot
Consult on business goals and priorities
Create custom contact properties and edit existing ones
Create and embed your lead collection forms in your website
Setup leadflows
Create lists to segment your leads
Identify segments you want to focus on
List out existing emails currently being sent
Re-create emails in HubSpot
Learn email best practices
Learn to promote content (a blog or landing page) via Email
2 Hour training session

Process Automation & Content Marketing
Determine what processes can be automated
Set up workflows and follow up
How to do email nurturing
Build your first workflow
Review your automation
Create a campaign in HubSpot
Learn about Topic Clusters
Identify a core topic and subtopics
Learn blogging best practices
Configure blog subscriber updates
2 Hours training session

Content Distribution and Social marketing
Create social monitoring streams
Create and Schedule social posts
Identify at least 1 content offer
Build out landing pages + thank you pages
Use CTAs to drive conversions
Determine distribution strategy
Create smart content pages
Use smart CTAs and content
Create smart content in emails
2 Hours training session

Reporting and Lead scoring
Identify reporting goals
Set up dashboards and custom reports
Create some cross object reporting
Understand the different reports in HubSpot
Define explicit and implicit actions of a lead
Prioritize based on leads and set up scoring
Discuss optimizations to current process based on data to date
Discuss best practices around sales and marketing alignment
2 Hours training session



Are you planning to complete the onboarding process on your own? Onboarding determines the correct implementation of HubSpot as a software for your business from managing marketing campaigns to closing deals in the system. New HubSpot users are most likely to run into various errors or do certain actions that may set your tool up for failure. Download this Extensive HubSpot onboarding guide to help you setup and manage your HubSpot in the right manner.

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We understand that every company is different and we can create tailor-made onboarding packages to meet your requirements. To know more about our custom HubSpot onboarding process and pricing, you can schedule a free consultation call with our HubSpot experts to discuss this further.